I took Frost with me tonight when I was at the vet’s with Cherokee(who is doing awesome!) to re-weigh him. He was just over 55 KGs (121 pounds). WOOHOO! He is still not eating dry food and is drinking just fine. So, the weight is his hydration level being normal again. The Vet was so kind to re-check his heart and says that while it is not great, he agrees with the Vet that I saw on Thursday in that it truly does sound better than he has heard it since this began for Frost ‘T’ on December 23rd. We are continuing with the GI stimulator pills for one more day and also the Flagyl. Frost is on over 40 pills a day right now yet he allows me to give his pills without any complaint. He is especially not fond of the Vetmedin. We are also going to move forward and give Frost ‘T’ Lasix only when he needs it(puffs, coughs, wheezes, turns purple) as it is a fast acting med and that will greatly reduce the number of pills that Frost will receive daily should he not have need of it. Frost sniffed out the ‘liver’ treats in one of the drawers on the exam table and pawed at it! Perhaps, he should be a ‘sniffer’ dog with that nose! 🙂 I guess I will now be buying liver treats IF that is what he is going to eat. Frost also ate the treat plus two McNuggets from McDonald’s and really turned heads with his head out the sunroof! Frost continues to create amazing and wonderful memories for me every day and on June 23rd, it will be 6 months to the day that he began having his heart problems. I have decided that I will be bringing Frost with me to Pet Expo on June 24th as I truly cannot bear to be without him and as much as he loves Sean and the kids; it is me that he truly owns. If something happened to him while I was gone, I just do not know how I would ever forgive myself for not being there for him. I know that this will mean one less Rescue animal to accompany me that day and I truly hope that the public will understand as Frost is a huge part of me. I know that Frost will be an incredible ambassador for BHRR as it will give people the opportunity to see just how normal a SN’s animal is as a cherished member of their beloved family.