BHRR’s Coupe – NewfX
March 10th, 2020

He had his Dental and did fabu! Despite having some worn and chipped teeth, his Vet found that via a great mouth exam plus in taking/reviewing all of his Dental x-rays that no extractions were needed at this time! The roots are strong plus healthy! YAY!

He had an excellent teeth cleaning thanks to his former emerge foster Mama and was loved on by all of my fellow staff members!

He is famous at EVC! 

While he was under, he had another good nail trim and when he was in post-op recovered; he had his anal glands done. The left was empty yet, his right was quite full. He will feel even better now!

This was BHRR’s Coupe’s second surgery and we await his ortho specialists directives as to when he will have his bilateral arthoscopic and bone debridement surgeries on his front legs.

His bills continue to mount for in addition to these surgeries; he remains being treated for Heartworm and on strong antibiotics for his deep penetrating bone infections in both front legs.

Re: the two bullets that we found in him – he may have more as his whole body has not been x-rayed; they remain a ‘wait and see’ and are not the top priorities at this time.

For everyone that has met this handsome boy to date; you will understand just how worthy plus deserving he is of all of the support in the world!

To those that have donated to his cause to date; THANK YOU! To those that have sent well wishes; THANK you!

To those wanting to support his cause; you can continue to make donations directly to his Vet Bills at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic – over the phone due to the current COVID-19 precautions having been implemented 613-383-8381

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