BHRR’s Glacier – one of our three deaf/bind mice!
February 13th, 2020
Born: October 21st, 2018

Look how wonderful he looks! Yes, he is deaf and blind and his tail is wagging, his head is up high, his body posture is confident! He feels comfortable in his ability to navigate in a world that he cannot see/hear and he does this with exceptional skill/ease having been a star pupil with the scent training.

Just because he is deaf/blind does not mean that he is stupid nor does it mean that he does not have a heart/feelings, wants or needs.

He honed right in to where I was in the 3+ acre fenced in yard and once he found me….he stopped and ‘looked’ right at me.

We may have had to do a bilateral eye eneucleation on him a year ago yet, he was already blind, in brutal pain from the severe microphthalmia which caused entropion plus chronic eye infections.

He was born this way. He was born this way. The product of a merle to merle breeding.

He did not ask to be born. Yet, he was…..and that he was, he deserves to live his best life each day and we are doing that for him and other special needs Danes/Dogs.

He does not feel sorry for himself. We do not feel sorry for him and you can see that he is not suffering!

Education is so important and he is ‘normal’ to him and to all that love him. He is housebroken, he is crate trained, he is gentle about taking treats from your hand, he knows commands via touch training(we do not use shock or vibration collars) and scent training and he is 100% amazing!!!

He is a gift and one that we treasure along with his siblings and the other awesome special needs Danes we are so blessed to be here for.

If you know of a special needs Dane that could use a safe spot to land, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have been the local Great Dane Rescue since 1996 and care deeply to what may happen should these beautiful creatures end up in the wrong hands….