BHRR’s Caramel!

He wants me to let him out of the yard so he can ‘help’ Sean plow! He raced all the way downstairs to the side yard in his excitement!

He is coming out of his shell more and more and I am becoming more and more smitten with him daily! 

He is such a good boy! Still vocal when he sees me for feeding time or first thing in the morning as he expresses his sheer happiness.

He is beyond handsome and per my previous post, Miss Lily is working her magic, one paw at at time on him! He just does not understand her, nor her enthusiasm and lack of personal space for he still is reactive – less and less – in his worry plus fear that he will get hurt. He thinks he is the size of a chipmunk.

All he requires is a confident settled approach and manner to being handled. He corrects wonderfully and you have to be slow and easy in taking his collar. He does not need to be roughly handled, no dog does and he is relaxing more and more as he realises I am not going to grab or haul him around and that I am setting clear open lines of communication as to what is expected of him, so he is not confused or worried or wonders what I want. He is thriving with the structure, obedience, patience and consistency…..

I am so proud of him and the trust he continues to build with me.

He is perfect with my two Wolfies and he and BHRR’s Mr. Fred have an understanding that neither will lose their dignity –  and will remain calm, give each other space and when it is sleep time, both will always on their own go into crates side by side. They seem to have a silent code agreed upon set of rules of engagement and are friends yet, do not seem to want anyone to know just how close they are becoming!

Fascinating…just fascinating to watch them! AND no, I am not projecting human emotions on to them that they are not capable of feeling. They have all of their own wide range of simple, yet, mostly complex set of emotions and feelings. One only has to observe to ‘get it’.

I am waiting patiently for the day to when they both will just let loose and run together side by side with wild carefree joy in our 3+ acres of fenced in yard. It is there…bubbling just under the surface!

This journey with him has been so awesome.

We are back at the Vets in another week or so to re-visit his ears and are still waiting for the cardiologist apt.

We will be working on switching him gradually over to a fish based only food too -his skin/ears medical issues are strongly suspected as being allergy based, food and seasonal. If anyone would be interested in providing funds to help us buy FROMM Salmon & Potato, donations can be sent via PayPal to or via PayPal to Thank you in advance for your consideration! 

At this time, we do not know if he will be placed up for adoption and as always, that is not what BHRR is about. We are about helping the next one in need of us and making sure they get everything they need.

He is living his best life every day and our promise is to keep having him live that quality filled life!