I took Frost with me when I was going to work at the Vet Hospital on Friday April 28th and while we were there, I re-weighed him and he is NOW 55.4 KG(121.88lbs)!!!! WOOHOO! I also had his Electrolytes re-done and they are STILL NORMAL!!!! I was so overcome by emotion, I thought I might cry. 🙂 A lovely couple that was at the Vet Hospital that night with one of their own pets; said that they would send a special word upstairs for him. What amazing kindness! I would like to see Frost put on at least another 15+ pounds as at a whither height of just under 40″; he is still painfully thin. One of my best memories of Frost on our drive to the Vet Hospital was that with the warmer weather back again; he could stick his head out of the sunroom. THIS is one of his most favourite things to do and he turns more than one head while we are driving!!!! I had the best warm glowing feeling in seeing him have so much fun and experiencing such joy in doing that!