BHRR’s Coupe began the second day of his journey to us bright and early this AM.

We have been very privileged to assist Karen Clark & Sam with a number of dogs from Tenn over the years including BHRR’s Gentle Jake, BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Silly Tilly.

He is travelling amazingly well which is no surprise as his temperament is beyond sweet, even with that leg.

He continues to heavily limp on that leg and all of the rescue transport angels are taking extreme care to make sure he is moved from one vehicle to the other carefully.

In case Cindy HillabyJosh KroezenLindsay KroezenBob Levesque & Hazel Talangbayan, you did not see the updated post I made, we are moving to a Plan B and he will be hunkering down with Courtney Reil once he arrives to her area late tonight in Canada.

She shall then drive him to direct Eagleson on Monday whereby Cassy Montgomery / John, I am confirming that I have a 9 PM apt., already booked for him.

Per Dr. Philibert, our ortho specialist, it is imperative that we also get x-rays of his other front leg to determine what urgent surgery BHRR’s Coupe shall require based upon his other front legs integrity.

Soon, sweet boy….soon! Two more sleepies and to all on the road today, travel safe!