One gorgeous Miss Mollie(1 year old Standard Poodle/Saint Bernard) post professional groom!

Thank you Melissa & Manon of Groomingdale’s in Stittsville!

Once again they did not want me to pay and of course I did plus left a tip! 

They adored her!! She is now a well mannered girl! All of my hard work pays off when you receive such wonderful compliments re: how sweet, obedient and gentle she was. She was perfect being groomed including bathing, ears, nails, comb put and blow dry.

She was equally perfect hanging out at work all day today, not making one peep.

She will be making her special announcement shortly!

Thank you again to Cassy for dropping her off for me so that she could get to her 2 pm appointment.

When I went to pick her up, she was loose in the grooming area just relaxing while another dog was being groomed.

She was happy to see me and me her.