BHRR’s Miss Silly Tilly!

I really love this picture……their first family photo!

Today, I let go of my 419th Foster. AND, it was no easier than the first foster I had….yet, I could not be more happy….mostly! 

Some may recognise that handsome BBBBB as being one of our BHRR Puppy Pile x 7 BHRR’s Ross(now lovingly known as Gatsby). He was adopted October 2nd, 2016 and this is the first time I have see him since he was adopted as a wee puppy.

Seeing him again, I could see all of the continued similarities to his siblings AND I also got to ask questions about BHRR’s Slate(now lovingly known as Bowie) who was adopted by a first cousin of this home also in 2016. He is still a big boy that is that lazy ‘slug’ we all knew and cherished!

Just like his siblings, Gatsby still likes to toss himself, shoulder down first on the ground, he has the same front little toes as his sister Cookie Dough Dynamo too! Every pup in the litter has kept those soul touching eyes!

It made my heart so warm to see how good he looks…He is nice and lean and as sweet plus soft as he always has been.

AND now, the once wee pup gets to be a big brother! He LOVED BHRR’s Tilly – she is going to make him work for her affection as that is the princess inside of her loving all of the attention!

It was a long round trip drive, almost 8 hours yet, we will continue to adopt to our already approved BHRR homes and drive the distance as it is so worth it!

BHRR’s Tilly will have a magnificent life and now has two ‘big brother cats’ too – they, are not going to be so enamored with her for a wee bit I think! 

I cannot thank this wonderful home enough for considering to adopt from BHRR once more. They were open and mentioned that they had looked at several organizations to adopt from this time around and decided to come back to BHRR as they support what we do.

As told to them and I say so often, I think it was great that they researched other groups and I will always support anyone adopting from a r/q organization, regardless if it is BHRR or not AS that means a great dog ends up in a great home and the rescue can then help another in need.

With so many fantastic groups out there, that this home came back to BHRR, touches our hearts.

The unfortunate part is that there are far more disreputable groups than quality ones out there and as someone that has been operating BHRR for close to 24 years, I remain strongly recommending to anyone who is thinking about adopting, research the groups, ask your questions, be assured that you are adopting from a great program that works to do right by each and every animal in their organization!

BHRR’s Miss Silly Tilly, long gone are your days in feces, mud, urine being kept outside in deplorable conditions with virtually no shelter and lacking proper love along with Vet care.

Even back then, it was clear to see how amazing of a temperament she had.

Since her arrival, she has become super healthy, packed on the much needed muscle mass and weight and has learned a few manners!

She is going to be dearly missed by her BHRR and Boers’ Family – I especially have one super sad almost 5 month old IS – yet, as told to this amazing home, we must continue to work to adopt out those that we can and safe haven those that need us the most.

She would always have a home with us if she had not ever been adopted and she will always be kept in our hearts.

Before I left, I told her how proud I was of her, how much I loved her and how happy I was for her……only a few sniffles on the way home.

I left her with a brand new collar, her pretty pink leash I got for her shortly after her arrival and a Shedrow dog coat. Pinks and Purples look smashing on her.


On that note, it has been a super long day and back to work for 8 days straight as of tomorrow…so from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!