BHRR’s Silly Tilly
August 19th, 2019

I love this GOOFY pose of hers!

She so badly wants to love and be loved and though, she was nervous of Sean’s camera tonight, she took treats and learned that there was nothing to be worried about!

She is such a loving, affectionate, silly, delightful wonderful personality filled girl that has rehabbed so well with us!

She is now close to 110 pounds and we would not like to see any further weight on her. She has put on almost 25 pounds of much needed muscle mass plus weight and looks STUNNING now! 

Sean and I ADORE this Dane…..

She has told me that she thinks tomorrow night shall be when she is ready to make her special announcement and thanks everyone for their patience!

We know that she is popular yet, she can only be adopted to that right matched personality fit home meant for her. 

One that shall keep showing her how amazing and wonderful the world is and that she shall never be part of a hoarding situation kept outside in mud/feces in a pen with improper shelter ever again.

She has dog beds and blankets with toys galore and can often be found snoozing on one of our couches when she thinks we are not looking!