Miss Lily!

‘Where are we going now Mama Gwennie?!’

Curious and though a bit cautious at first, once she knows all is ok, she is all in with the body leans and happy tail and loving! 

Good thing she is so adorable for she is in a head lock with me re: crate training! She has worn down her previous home so many times that she is determined to do it with me too.

She does not know me very well….yet…. 

We are also making wonderful progress on the house breaking and her general anxiety.

We are making excellent progress with her car anxiety too. She is learning that there are amazing experiences and caring hands with lots of praise plus treats associated with the car and this girl wants to trust people badly.

Her obedience manners are overall ok and once her puppy brain settles and she is not so overwhelmed with distractions plus stimulation, she is going to rock!

We are getting better with the ‘check in’ looks and she is quite proud of herself when she realises she has done it! The more clear open communication she has the more she relaxes as she learns to become a dog and is not confused about the expectations asked of her.

She is starting to show a playful side and has taken a shine to BHRR’s Juniper and BHRR’s Burst. BHRR’s Juniper being half Wolfie is making Miss Lily work for it and BHRR’s Burst takes play to a level that Miss Lily is not quite ready for yet these are the two that she has connected with and with her charm, she is going to win over BHRR’s Juniper! 

Today, we are off to the Vet and will post an update afterwards……