This is BHRR’s Sable, another BBBBB!

She is the second of the two Danes from the Drug Situation.

Her body condition is much better than BHRR’s Rion.

Her weight was 46.1kg(101.42 pounds) at LAH.

We suspect that she may be pregnant and per Dr. Liston, if she is, it is really early – less than 21 days.

As always, with our posts re: spaying dogs that are in the early stages of pregnancy……this post is not a discussion as to if it is or is not right to be spaying a dog if they are pregnant.

This Dane has clearly had litters in her past, and she is not that old herself…..~18 months or so.

AND she is not going to be having any more babies if, at all possible. There are so many dogs already in the world that need homes and many dogs are being put to sleep daily as there are not enough homes, that we do not need to be deliberately bringing into this world even more puppies.

We do not feel that Rescue dogs having babies is anything to celebrate and she has been scheduled for a spay.

During her exam, her Vet noted the many scars on her too. 

Like BHRR’s Rion, she will require a dental.

We did pre-op bloodwork as well as tested for heartworm plus tickborne diseases. Everything has come back fine on her.

Dr. Liston felt that she was healthy enough to begin her vaccine protocol also. 

She is also being de-wormed.

As with BHRR’s Rion, she could use a collar and an XL Costco Dog Bed to call her very own.

If anyone may consider her cause to support with a collar of her very own – with onepawtwopaw on a short break, we are purchasing our collars from an equally fabu place – Wigglebumz or an XL Costco dog bed, please let me know.

We continue to fight the good fight with BHRR’s Rion – no conclusive answers to date and his Vet Bills are close to $10,000. 

AND tomorrow, we shall be unpublishing our page for a couple of days for tomorrow is the funeral for my sister Barbara.

AND to those that have been asking re: sending flowers etc., donations to a cause that means a lot to your heart is being asked for in lieu……

From our home to all of our friends, families and supporters, please hug your loved ones as often as you can now… tomorrow may never come for some…..