I took Frost ‘T’ with me today when I went to work at the Vet Hospital. We tested his Electrolytes which are normal and we sent off serum for Digoxin levels plus kidney function. He has put on .8 of a pound and is now 51.8 KGs(113.96 lbs). He finished his Cephalexin yesterday and the culture we did came back indicating that there was no infection after all. He is now on 24 3/4 pills daily. His heart is still arrhythmic on the left side and his pulse is still weak. He had been sleeping almost 18 hours a day for the past short while yet now he is back to sleeping about 4 hours a night. The Vet has suggested that we increase his Lasix and we will wait for the level results to come back to see about trying to find that ‘right’ balance in meds for him. While he is drinking more, he is still very hard to feed and is now refusing to eat the wet H/D. So, it is a challenge to find things that he will eat. He is also now taken to wanting to eat snow and that is not good either. We go day-by-day with him and are saddened the learn that the left side of his heart has not stabilized as much as we hoped. Yet, he is wagging his tail almost as much as he used to AND for anyone who has experienced Frost ‘T’s tail, YOU will know just how much ‘welcoming’ power he can pack!!! 🙂 Keep the positive energy coming for each day is so very precious!!!!