Today, we have two BHRR doggies on their own date auction play dates!

The GD/IW Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Juniper and also one of her brothers – BHRR’s Fletcher.

This is BHRR’s Fletcher when I told him we were going for a car drive! 

He had a good drop-off and the home has had a date with him in the past and knows to just passively ignore him. He always takes about 30-45 minutes to settle in, realise he is going to be ok and then he actually enjoys himself.

He and BHRR’s Everly remain the two most genetically affected in this litter with their anxiety, fear plus shy behaviour, just like their Mama Gem. 

If ever there were the best examples of how much genetics plays a role in temperament plus behaviour, this litter is hands down proof. We use the environment to make their behaviour the best it can be. 

Thank you’s being extended to Sean for helping me to get BHRR’s Juniper to her date while I took BHRR’s Fletcher to his!