Got her! 

She will need a name! Name guru’s! 

She is uber sweet and petite – just over 83 pounds (lean) – and such a beautiful temperament. Cannot wait to watch her blossom and see her monkey side really shine! ?

This lovely girl is now safe and out of the horrible hoarding conditions she once lived in.

Going to now make my way home and she will have 3+ acres to romp in shortly! 

Her home shall no longer be an outside pen filled with feces plus mud and a shelter way too small for her being exposed to the elements. 

She will have dogs beds, live inside being cherished, fed plus watered properly and have doggie friends to play with plus have so many loving hands to show her how important, worthy and cared about she is! 

Thank you Samantha, Karen and Jane for working with me again on another rescue. It is a true honour doing this life saving work with you! 

Happy Sunday to all of our friends, family plus supporters!