Miss *Flower* UPDATE & Video #2

As promised, we are now providing the second video and most recent update on the 7 week old Maremma puppy.

At Alta Vista Animal Emergency, the truly wonderful Dr. Jones did a thorough exam including a neuro assessment. She then conversed with Tanya, myself and her amazing temp fosters Randy/Emily.

The next step was for Dr. Jones to reach out to Dr. Jull, the neurologist and discuss a plan to be put in place.

Miss Flower has now been scheduled to see Dr. Jull @ 11:30 AM tomorrow.

Miss Flower was placed on the following medications to help ‘slow’ down the firing of her brain, to calm her down re: agitation and she was also placed on Omeprazole 5 mg – 1 BID. She was put on Keppra 250 mg ½ tablet TID and Trazodone 50 mg ½-3/4 tablet to be given BID and can be given up to TID.

We received the results of her bloodwork a few minutes ago and they are normal for a puppy of her age. Tanya will be dropping off a urine sample as part of the panel that we paid for over the next several days.

I will be ordering special food for her tomorrow and once a copy of her Vet Records are sent to KAH, we can begin her de-worming protocols plus do a fecal test.

This Video was taken the next day after being at Alta Vista Animal Emerge.

She still turns right and she still does cry YET nothing like she was!

Please take note that NONE of this would be possible without EACH of you, her incredible rescue angels that have stood up to help us in her extreme urgent time of need! You are inspirational, you are awesome and you are lifesaving with your kindness plus generosity. Thank you!

Is this a puppy that should have been instantly killed? Does this look like a puppy that does not deserve the opportunity for Poet’s Vision and BHRR and her ever growing team of Vets plus Specialists to first find out what is going on so that we can make the best informed decision re: her future?

AND to the one person that felt that the Breeder was doing the right thing in wanting to kill her…that Breeder did NOTHING for her, other than threaten to kill her if Rescue did not step up. Puppies are to be de-wormed beginning at 2 weeks of age and every two weeks up to 10 weeks of age after that for starters – this was not done; there were not any fecals done, no progress Vet exams, no monitoring to see if she was gaining/thriving etc. She was kept in a barn. This is not a r/q Breeder that cares about preserving the Maremma breed and to continue to improve upon their own lines.

Thanks to Poet’s Vision and BHRR coming together to step up to help this wee doll, she will lack for nothing and be given all that she needs and any decision regarding her welfare shall only be made based upon all the information possible to be gathered.

Both of our Rescues are special needs groups and we deal with heartache, devastation and horrors daily and we remain deeply humbled plus forever indebted to all those that continue to believe in not just the efforts of our respective organizations YET also believe that animals like Miss Flower deserve this chance…..

For anyone that may consider her cause; donations can be made via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via Email Transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

I am working tomorrow so shall not be at the neurologist appointment yet Tanya shall be there and we will then update ASAP after that. After the appointment, with my own home being full right now, Tanya shall take over the temp fostering of Miss Flower for this puppy is clearly not ‘just’ blind as originally told to us. There is a lot more going on. THANK you Randy/Emily for ALL that you have done for her! You are both absolutely fantastic fosters!