1 year old Male GSD – Not a Dane/Giant yet he is special needs
This is whose time was up today and at the tender age of just barely 1 was to be put to sleep.
His crime? Being special needs – like many Sheps, he has skin issues – allergies and is on special food, antibiotics plus Pred. His other crimes? Being smarter than his previous owner and being a GS.
He has inappropriate displays of behaviour and medical needs. Nothing that should have given him a death sentence…..he deserved a proper opportunity re: having a great future.
His story is not a new one for many dogs out there and his time ran out today….
I was actually shocked to note that no group had stepped up for him previously and today he came on my radar as not having been saved as of yet….
AND we posted an urgent call for one of our BHRR approved Volunteer homes to please consider emergency temp fostering one of the following dogs so we could step up to assist – BHRR’s Burst(Lab/Dane), BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr) or BHRR’s Char(Dane) – and for the first time in over 23 years no one stepped up….
I knew that going to bed tonight with the knowledge that this dear young GS, like so many others was going to be put to sleep with his last days having been in a pound….his anxiety levels had greatly increased over the days spent there and he would not have a loving soul hold him as he took his last breaths, tormented plus haunted me.
So, I did step up to help him in his final hours of life and even though none of our approved homes reached out in this urgent time of need to emerge temp foster, I could not let this boy be killed.
So, what we are asking at this time is if anyone may consider making a donation so we can pay for temporary boarding for one of our BHRR dogs….
Any donation can be made via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via Email Transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com
Thank you in advance for any consideration for not only would I be deeply humbled, I know if this young GS could talk – with manners! – he would equally like to thank you for helping to save his life….
From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters may all of us be able to rest our heads in relative peace tonight…..