BHRR’s Volt is soooooo excited! A VIDEO!

Why do you ask?!

We are expecting another 10 cms of snow, heavy at times tonight…..she just LOVES the snow and it has begun to fall! 

Gwennie on the other hand is done…totally done with winter!

Once the snow passes through, another 25 mm of freezing rain is heading our way….then an additional 15 mm of rain.

We will update all shortly in re: to her specialist apt. held with Dr. Philibert last Wednesday.

AND to the few that felt she should have been put to sleep when she came into our care from having been electrocuted in her past home and was left untreated for two days, may you clearly now see the sheer joy of her living her best life daily! 

May you now also see that she is worthy and we are going to keep helping her become healthy….one day and one Vet visit at a time!