With the recent, sudden plus severe onset of our Frost ‘T’s Heart condition – DCM, arterial fibrillation and left ventricular/atrium enlargement; I have made another tough decision that while we will remain committed to those Rescues currently in our program and the one’s that we have in the ‘pipe’; I cannot take in any new one’s unless absolutely necessary. One; time is very precious for we have been told that we ‘do not have long’ with Frost and two; I cannot expose him to any stress or illnesses that may jeopardise his fragile condition. We had been monitoring Frost & his heart since October and then on December 23rd 2005; he took a huge slide for the worse and I have been spending my time trying to just get him through the next critical ’24 hours’. Today; we can be cautiously optimistic and can look towards getting Frost towards a ‘five day goal’. He is on Enacard, Lasix, Vetmedin plus Digoxin at this time and tomorrow we will determine after his next set of X-Rays if he needs to go on a fifth med if his left ventricular/atrium enlargement has not improved. Next Thursday, we will re-test his Electrolytes plus his Digoxin levels, should he survive. He has been on IV fluids for the past two days with me taking him home at night to monitor and to be there for him as we have been warned that he could ‘drop dead’ at any time. Having just lost our beloved Phantom at the end of October; the part of my heart that is selfish wants to prolong his life so that I can have ‘more time’ just a little more time with him yet my heart understands that this has to be about ‘quality’ of life for him and so; I will let Frost tell me when it is time for him to leave us. My apologizes that my website has not been updated as frequently as normal for my amazing Frost ‘T’ has had to take the forefront of my time and attention. I will update as I can. For those who have not had the pleasure of knowing Frost; he is my deaf plus visually impaired boy who has taught a lot of people about how incredible, intelligent, wonderful plus loving special needs animals are. Frost had also been in training as one of my Therapy dogs.