BHRR’s Meadow
March 17th, 2019

Sadly, my day did not yield what I hoped it would…..

After over 2 months of working so hard to investigate, research and then locate the Mama and as a result finding the Dad…then trying to get the parents of The Dane Trio Pups – whole story on how I found them on the Puppies blogs – with constant cancellations and re-scheduling, today was to be the ‘new’ day that I was to get both Danes.

I made the three hour drive and waited….and waited and waited some more. I kept their emerge temp foster homes updated and shared my anxiety and worries the more time ticked on by and still no Danes.

After almost 1.5 hours, no responses to my texts, calls or emails, I was getting ready to leave and then a vehicle finally pulled up. Like many o/s, the home did not want me to go to their place of residence and desired to meet in a gas station parking lot.

Yet, there was only one Dane inside, not two. 

The Mama was inside, yet not the Dad(special needs white male). 

I was told that in a couple of weeks, they would meet up for me to get the male.

This is the female – 15 month old heavily blanketed harle and extremely terrified. Undersocialised and I was also told upon pick-up that she did not like men. She has had very limited exposure to them.

We are calling her BHRR’s Meadow.

She came with a choke chain knotted on a lead and I asked the O. to place this martingale on her. It is a Wiggle Bumz collar that was won by Annette S. who then donated it so generously to BHRR. I then asked the O. to hook up my leash to the martingale, help get her into my car and distract her so I could tether her up for her safety….and mine.

She is SO scared and I spent the whole time on our long drive home, alternating between praising her for being such a good plus pretty girl, passively ignoring her and telling her that she will be ok.

By the time I got her home, I was able to remove the choke and knotted leash. I would like to shorten up the martingale a bit more yet I have invaded her space more than enough for now and she has tolerated things as well as can be expected so, it can wait another day.

I have tried to find out when her last heat was and if there was a chance she was pregnant again or if she is in a false pregnancy. I was not given any response to assist me in that area. She was housed with the intact male……

As scared as she is of me, she is ten times more of Sean and Mason.

This pic is one that Sean took when we got home – I was now her ‘safe person’ and she leaned into me and looked at me for guidance yet only barely in her absolute fear.

Her tail can be seen tucked up and this was before it reached her belly as that is where she wrapped it up tightly to.

I reached out to who was to be her lovely emerge temp foster Mama and we always have to take what information comes our way with a grain of salt and mentioned that perhaps we should switch up who goes to their home as this girl is going to need a lot of extensive rehabilitation.

She barks a lot with her stress and the one dog that seems to be ‘soothing’ her from a distance is BHRR’s Connery.

She is a long way away from being integrated with anyone….

Tomorrow, I will take her to work with me so that we can begin her vetting protocol and see if we can better rule out any possible pregnancy.

As soon as I saw her, I could see BHRR’s Sleet in her face and already I can see that Mama and daughter share some obvious similar temperament/behaviour traits.

We will post more as we know more and do promise to keep everyone updated re: the Dad – we did hear that he is blind yet, he mostly likely is deaf too. I worry about what health issues he has.

Today, was just not the day I had hoped it would be….I am distressed that I did not get both Danes yet I remain steadfast that BHRR’s Falco(the name that we are giving the Dad) will be safe with us in a matter of weeks too.


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