BHRR’s Barney Update
75% Lab / 25% Saint

Not long after BHRR’s Barney arrived to BHRR, he became to have grand mal seizures.

In attempting to reach out to his previous owner, no response was had – not surprising – and we are scheduled to see a neurologist as part of the next steps.

All of BHRR’s Barney’s bloodwork had come back normal from what we had done upon his arrival to BHRR and the suspicion is that these seizures are trauma based.

May also explain his visual impairment, he is quite visually impaired yet, and as demonstrated in the one video we posted, is doing fabu with his scent plus touch training. As his confidence level increases, his comfort level and trust in himself also has increased and his movement, even in our 3+ acre fenced is almost completely natural now.

In what little information that I was able to obtain re: his previous vet history paperwork, there is not one mention of any visual concerns or problems at all….really odd for if his previous home ‘got him that way’ and had him at the Vet for exams twice(paperwork indicates they have had him since he was a pup – not 6 weeks as previously indicated), his Vet would would have noted it in the medical records.

LOVE this young man!! 

AND we are still ISO: items for our next flash auction as BHRR’s Barney’s own Vet Bills continue to mount.

Please do email if you may have something to donate. 

As always, thank you from our hearts for any consideration!