BHRR’s Barney!
February 12th, 2019 
Winter Wonderland Video

He is loving the start of the 45+ cms of snow that is expected!

He is severely visually impaired and in just a matter of days, his confidence is such that he can now do this and feel safe in our 3+ acre fenced in yard!

Yes, he demonstrates some clumsiness – he is also a puppy! – yet, as he is learning his world, he is flying! He just needed some encouragement and to know that he was not alone.

He has picked up scent training like a pro and now he is ‘off to the races’ as the expression goes. Big objects, he sees their shapes and for the most part their exact position. Small objects or when something is mid or higher or to the sides of his eye level is nil.

He is making such wonderful progress! 

He was at KAH with me on Monday and weighed 69.96 pounds – in really good body condition considering.

His fecal was negative yet that does not mean that he does not have parasites, it just means at the time that the fecal test was done, that the sample that was done did not note any parasites.

So, he remains being proactively/preventatively dewormed.

His bloodwork came back great including that he is negative for heartworm plus tickborne diseases.

I also microchipped him on Monday.

He is a super sweet boy that is just starved for affection and is slowly learning that it is ok to ask for it….poor boy….so worried about rejection.

Baby steps dear man…baby steps! You will get there and understand that you are worthy, that you are surrounded ONLY by helping hands and not one hurting hand shall touch you again…..