I have posted 'recent' updated pictures on all canines other than BHRR's Albert. AND I know that if anyone is truly serious about supporting BHRR be it through the Hockey Raffle Ticket Fundraiser OR in general with a monetary donation via email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org or PayPal (account is gwen@birchhaven.org); that BHRR's Albert would step up to the plate and show off his best side(of which all sides are his best sides!) for all! 😀

So, I am going to hold off posting his pictures as a possible temptation to others to please please please consider suporting GD rescue be it through our currently running BHRR/DiD Hockey Raffle Ticket Fundraiser or by making a monetary donation. Our bills are over $10,000 at this time and truly, each penny donated makes a difference!!!! I know that DiD is also in desperate need of monetary support, hence why I approached Jim at DiD to extend our support in donating 50% of the funds raised in this Hockey Ticket Raffle Fundraiser to send their way in way of contributing back to a cause dear to us; GD rescue and to support what we believe is another reputable/quality rescue organization out there. AND for those that know me, I do not say that lightly. We take our stellar reputation seriously and do not associate or affiliate lightly with other groups/organizations as we believe that the animals need to come first, it is not about 'making money' when rescuing/rehabbing animals and it is about always taking in the NEXT one in need – not discriminating against colour, age, health or injury. Deaf, blind, sick, injured, senior, dying or not; BHRR always will take the next one in need into our program(s).

If you believe in what we do at BHRR, please do think of opening up your heart to send something! BHRR would like to be around for many years to come to continue to assist those in need of a helping hand and times are very tough. 🙁

Albert's Angels:

Alex & Karen