As promised….The Next Gwennie Novel update on Miss Volt! 

I wish I could shout out so much in great news yet while I cannot give great news, I can give some good news and promise to continue to regularly update everyone on this sweet Rottie baby that was electrocuted on January 25th. 

She has a very detailed blog on our home website also for people to follow if people wish.

*Her weight is now up to 16.4 kgs
*She continues to eat and drink well – she has had to adjust slightly how she does this due to the amount of nerve/tissue damage 
*Her face is still swollen yet less so
*She is no longer as skittish or nervous as we work to teach her about helping hands and give her so many positive experiences 
*She loves going to KAH as she is loved and handled with such care 
*She is becoming more playful – has to be careful and people need to be careful with her

*That right side of her mouth – even after four sedation surgical procedures is just proving to be so difficult to resolve yet we are not giving up! From Friday to today, there has been slow yet some marked improvement. Yay! I am taking this as a small victory. 
*Her current round of antibiotics was to end on the 11th yet another week has been added due to the sheer persistence of this infection and ulcerated mouth from the burns 
*She will remain on pain meds – increased dosing as she is bigger! 
*I asked her wonderful Vet to check both of her eyes as they appeared to be infected and not just red and after doing a thorough exam and a fluroescein eye exam, she is on Isthal meds twice a day. With her weakened immune system, makes her prone to picking up other infections.
*The irritation to her Vulva is greatly improved with being on the antibiotics, spraying Cortravance, using a bit of Vaseline as a protective barrier plus a cone. Yet, this remains a conformation issue and we will continue to let her mature to see how much that will improve her vulva and her Vet said at the time of her spay this can also most likely be surgically addressed. 
Per her Vet she would need more than just a vulvoplasty and we would refer to a specialist to do that plus her spay. 

So the rehab journey for this wee beauty is a long way from being over and she really really really needs your help to get better. 

Please consider donating to her ever mounting Vet Bills. Please with all that I am, please consider her very deserving cause to support.

You can donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR via email transfer to: 

OR via PayPal to 

This is a pic that Britney took of her at KAH today! 

She is so sweet and smart and we are working so hard to get her healthy!