UPDATE: On the 7-8 month old Lab/Saintx Puppy 
75% Lab & 25% Saint 
Blind – Sees about 10%

I had everything ready to go and organised for this Saturday for him to be picked up – I then put the O. directly in touch with our BHRR Volunter to confirm pick-up time – and today I received a call from the wonderful BHRR Approved Volunteer going to help get him closer to me.

Per what I was told, the owner stated that he ‘lost it’ on this puppy last night and if he were not gone by today, he was going to dump him. Threats had already been made in the past to our group and to other groups, that if he was not rescued shortly as one partner in the house ‘hates’ him, that they would dump him – even in the bush.

Thanks to our amazing Volunteer, she re-arranged her own schedule, picked him up and he is safe with her until we meet on Saturday. 

When it is said that fostering saves lives, a more truer statement could not be real for this handsome young pup……

I had so much worry re: finding a spot to save him in the first place and then after getting this call today, my heart just sank.

Yet, he is now out of that home and in the warm loving embrace of the angel who literally worked magic to open up her own schedule to get him out of this home so fast.

Here is a wonderful perfect example of the BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ in action. The strong beating heart of any r/q organisation are their fabu Volunteers and all of ours are so appreciated plus deeply valued! We cannot do this alone! 

Thank you Gail!