Snowball’s WBC is extremely high, her cholesterol is high, her kidney function not normal, her drawn blood was an extreme dark red, she has continued to vomit and her core body temperature has dropped drastically. She is on Antibiotics, IV fluids and was given meds to help with any ulceration. X-Rays did not show anything definitive as to whether or not there is something like a stuffie inside of her. It would have been much easier to have seen a marble. There is a LOT of gas showing up on the X-Rays and she is in a lot of pain the poor little thing. There is one area that the vet is wondering if there is a perforation and so Snowball will be having exploratory surgery after trying to get her more stable. There is still a very good probability that this could still be an obstruction. Keep her in your thoughts as this is one angel that is meant to stay on this earth. Donations to her Medical Bills can be paid directly to Kanata Animal Hospital or via our PayPal account. It is estimated that this could be thousands of dollars to try and get her well again. She is one very sick girl at this time and the odds were not being given in her favour. As of 9:55 PM last night, she was still alive. We had hooked her up to the heating block and had her all covered up snug and warm. Seeing her this way would reduce almost anyone who has seen how she is normally like to tears.

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