The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Oliver were at the Vet today for their annual!

BHRR’s Everly weighed a very lean 102.08 pounds and still growing.

BHRR’s Oliver weighed a big boy 124.96 pounds!

BHRR’s Everly, you were so brave and the progress you have made has been truly outstanding. You are a complete goofy over the top affectionate girl around your small trusted set up for success circle.

Today, with even more loving hands to show you just how safe and ok you are, you took yet another big step forward.

Very proud! Baby steps my dear and you are doing it!

BHRR’s Oliver, you and BHRR’s Juniper have made the most progress of all in this litter and you continue to reach your full incredible potential more and more each day!

You certainly do not have any interpersonal space issues when you are comfortable! You soaked it all up today, meeting and greeting everyone and what a social ham!

While you started off a bit ‘wolfie’ aloof, the Dane in you did not take long to come out and the leans and the loving came on in earnest!

Getting pictures was not that easy yet here are two from their well deserved run after we got back home!

Special shout out of thanks to Holly at KAH for being truly awesome in helping me with them both and with poor BHRR’s Everly’s stress bm. THANK you again from my heart Holly!