BHRR’s Keg(My Keg-Keggie!)

This is adoption #1 for BHRR in 2019 and adoption #415 since our inception in 1996! Small yet mighty!

Thank you so very much again to Aaron plus Cherie for assisting at this home-visit.

BHRR’s Keg, this approved adoption was so meant to be, such a smooth process from beginning to end and what a truly warm welcoming home!

AND he has a ‘big’ sister that brings me full circle as she is a rescue from GRR that used to be seen at the Vet Hospital I work at!

It shall be the lovely homes like this that shall be missed when we are almost exclusively transitioned over to our Haven Program. 

BHRR’s Keg – YOU did it! Dr. Chauvet & Dr. Schwartz, look at him now!! 

BHRR’s Keg, your approved adoption makes my heart smile and yes, weep a bit too for the journey you and I went on during your rehabilitation was miraculous, memorable and so rewarding. 

It is just so sad how your breed is being so horribly exploited and that so many wanted you for all of the wrong reasons…..

Yet, I promised you we would do right by you and while the beautiful chapters with myself ends, the next chapters of what we know shall be a truly amazing high quality filled life is now just beginning…..

You touched my soul deeply and forever shall have your paws around my heart! 

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We are now two days in and have almost $525 in bids. So humbled! 

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