BHRR’s Maple
January 20th, 2019

As we continue to get pounded with the snow – 40+ cms and still coming….and we are battling temperatures of -35, she prefers to ‘chill’ on the bench in our sunroom.

Radiant floor heating and comfy Costco Dog Beds and the bench is her ‘thing.’

She was basking in some of the winter sun that was streaming through the window…..

This girl once was so terrified plus skinny and she could not easily be touched. She was slated to be put to sleep yet we were contacted and the rest is history! 

She has such a personality presence at all gatherings here! 🙂

She may have her quirks, yet she is super affectionate with a very happy tail that actually does circles when she wags it! Which is almost always, even in her sleep.