BHRR’s Bogart!

Tonight, our BHRR family grew! BHRR’s Bogart was adopted to a really beautiful couple and we could not be more thrilled.

They have been patient as we did not one, not two yet four rounds of detailed bloodwork since his arrival to BHRR, to be 100% sure he was healthy. AND he is! 

BHRR goes up and beyond with the care of our dogs and this home has been truly wonderful to work with.Though, we officially closed yesterday for our annual shutdown, we had no hesitation, even in the freezing rain! – about making the drive out to do this home-visit tonight. 

Though, my last couple of days have been filled with so much hard plus strong emotion, my night brought a measure of comfort knowing another BHRR dog was successfully rehabbed and adopted to their right matched forever loving home. 

Sean, thank you again for coming with me to do this home-visit and for your caring support. 

BHRR’s Bogart, this was another extremely difficult adoption for me….you are out of this world fabulous yet you do not need me any longer and you will bring so much in laughter, joy and great memories plus experiences to your new family. 

They even so wonderfully donated a Special Care Package of much needed cleaning items to BHRR! 

To this amazing outstanding home, welcome to the BHRR family!