BHRR’s Singe!
~3.5 years of age

All of our adoption processes, policies & procedures:
FAQ’s & Information:

For those who saw this emaciated, collapsed in the hind boy upon arrival and even as recently as September, LOOK at him now!?!

We never gave up!!! 

After almost 30 years working with the Danes/Giants and focusing so strongly on the special needs, as much as I am an expert on them…each one continues to teach me SO much!

We struggled for so long to get that weight on him…so long….

AND what worked the best is what always worked with my cherished beloved now RIP Big Blue Bronson – NOT just offering him many smaller meals through the morning/day/evening YET giving him a bowl during the night before my own bedtime – around 3:00 AM!

Sounds so simple….just the one extra small meal between the hours of 3:00 – 5:30 AM made ALL the difference. 

LOOK at him?!!! 

Head up, regal, uber handsome and so much stronger in the hind end and has put on so much muscle mass/weight!

This boy is amazing! Full of personality, loves the car, so affectionate and full of drool with those flews of his!

He such a mixture of emotions from calm to spastic puppy when running and that he will be so persistent asking for love is just fantastic!

He used to stand so quietly and hopefully by my elbow while I typed on the computer waiting patiently and looking so soulful for me to notice him and notice him I would do! Yet, I wanted to help build him up so that he knew it was ok to ask for love and not feel rejected and yup, he has that down pack now! 

He can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired. 

He is great with the other dogs, fascinated by cats – can be a bit playfully rough and loves to leave drool all over and did I mention yet how handsome he is?

He is an absolute DREAM to do nails! Such a dream. Bathes easily and likes to ‘chat’. 

He will only go to a home, should said right matched personality fit home have children no less than age 8. 

He would be fine as the only dog in the home as long as he retained a good strong doggie network to have friends. We all need some friends in our world. 

He will ONLY go to that right match personality fit home that understands that he needs to eat smaller more frequent meals throughout a 24 hour period still.

We will also be doing a transitional adoption for when he first arrived to BHRR, he would not eat and then he would ONLY eat for me and it took a very long time for him to feel comfortable eating for the rest of The Boerkskins.

We will not SEE him go backwards in his journey to health and happiness. 

Therefore, we will ONLY consider homes within 1 hour of our location in Oxford Station so that we can do the proper transitional adoption that this boy requires. We have had to do transitional adoptions on many a BHRR doggie over the years and we need to have set up for success for home and our dogs. 

He is so sensitive, gentle, slobbery and LOVES his butt rubbed….and be careful when you sit down for he is a pro at spinning and getting that butt of his plunked into your lap fast. 

BHRR’s Singe, we talked much about whether we should place you up for adoption yet I strongly feel that should that right matched personality fit home find you tha they will continue to build upon all of the strong foundations we have put in place for you here to keep you set up for success.

You do not need me any longer and it has been an absolute pleasure having you in my home and you will forever be in my heart. 

AND if that right matched forever loving home never finds you, our home will always be your home! Forever…..

You have caused me to have many a grey hair yet together we figured out what worked best for you and LOOK at you now…as they say…you have come far baby!