BHRR’s Sawyer!
He had his annual tonight and weighed a solid 60.2kgs(132.44 pounds).
He was amazing!
For a boy that can be nervous out and about in strange situations, he really was a big rock star!
He is so friendly and affectionate to those that he trusts and just needs a few moments to just relax and soak up the atmosphere.
When he is in his element he is a real ham and he was showing that side off tonight in the exam room. Such a hoot! A bit of show-off actually! LOL
Sharing the hand shakes, the drool and the loving! 
He was great around all the people, other dogs and even a cat. He was only unsure of a really tall gentleman that was there and only gave a very soft, almost unheard release of air that could barely be described as a ‘woof’.
He reassured beautifully and felt most safe snuggled between my arms/legs WHICH I did not allow him to do for longer than a moment, as I do not enable inappropriate behaviour.
We have worked long and hard for him to stand comfortably and with the proper level and amount of confidence and he responded so wonderfully tonight!
His Vet commented on his lovely coat and how gentle he was to take treats. 
Great car ride in, great vet visit and what a great dog!
On a side note; per my post last night, please do be patient as I work to co-ordinate all of the auction items.
I do have other careers and a family and many rescue priorities and am only one person. So, please do bear with me as I am doing my very best to make sure all winners are reached out to by Sunday night.
So, I promise to make contact with you.