BHRR’s Bane

BHRR’s Bane, this post is so unbelievably difficult to make yet it must to be done. I will continue to do my best in doing right by you.

I am so sorry that so many failed you….I am so sorry that I could not save you in the end and I have been working so hard behind the scenes working to get what justice I can for you.

You touched a community BHRR’s Bane….and that community needs to know that your story continues, even after you were laid to rest at BHRR. Letting you go was positively horrible. Your life was hell before you came into Rescue and we wanted to give you a future full of promise, free of pain and one of health, happiness plus spoiling hands.

To update everyone – we have not one yet two cases that have taken much time to pull together for I cannot sleep at night, I cannot eat well, I have nightmares for what BHRR’s Bane went through, not just in the hands of those who severely neglected/abused him; yet in the hands of supposed medical professionals in TO. It was wrong on so many levels.

This is not a post to honour your incredible memory, dear sweet BHRR’s Bane….that will come for you deserve a post dedicated all to you and not to the things that this post shall be addressing. You deserve a post not of anger, pain, disappointment, frustration, etc…you deserve so much better/more. That will come….you will never be forgotten. I promise you that… 

To all of our supporters, friends plus family, thank you immensely for your understanding that even though we had not yet made a post re: this precious boy, that if one had not yet been made that there had to be very valid reasons why. Thank you also to all of our supporters, friends plus family that know us well and that since 1996 we have always made the tough posts that needed and should be made, believing 100% in transparency and full disclosure.

We have always made the good, the bad, the great and the ugly in updates as we believe that we are accountable not just to the animals in need of us, or to those that have asked us to assist these special animals yet to all those that have given of themselves in time, well wishes, donations be it financial and/or otherwise plus have been there for us/the dogs. We are nothing without our BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS” links and you have proven to be so strong and kind many times over since our inception in 1996.

To those closest to BHRR’s Bane’s unbelievable fight for his life, they had also been kept regularly updated of all the ups, downs, heartaches, the amazing, the truly brutal and the reality of his story.

When we were asked to assist this boy, he had already been to a Vet and this should have been a ‘straight forward’ severe emaciation case. What none of his rescuers knew at the time was that he was far sicker and far more abused/neglected. He is literally one of the worst cases I have ever worked to help save in almost 30 years in rescue AND we focus on the truly broken/in need animals. With that one first Vet prior to us assisting him not properly vetting him, unfortunately, and unbelievably another Hospital in TO – one we never used before and never shall again – also did not do right by him. We are hoping for a ruling in our favour from the one case we have worked hard to pull together to submit. We will share more on this as we can.

To think that anyone would believe that we would never update re: BHRR’s Bane yet would ‘take money’ after he was crossed over, when we well knew how many came together to root and cheer and cry along with us, no longer shocks us.

AND to state very clearly there was only one donation accepted AFTER the decision was made with his wonderful Vet voicing what Sean/I had already discussed to humanely cross over BHRR’s Bane. That was from Maia who sent us an email for a Hospital Staff member had told her when she was at a Vet Hospital about BHRR’s Bane. This kind soul emailed us and insisted that we still accept this caring donation and we put it towards the still outstanding almost $4,000 in his Vet Bills. They had reached out to us saying they understood why we had not collected the donation and wanted us to still collect it.

We have NEVER taken one nickel, dime, quarter or otherwise since he was let go. Sean/I have been working to pay off his remaining almost $4,000 Vet bills out of our own pockets. Anyone who contacted us wishing to make a donation or did make a donation, was informed that we were no longer taking donations and the appropriate action taken.

We will NEVER see any dog suffer and when it became clear that an infection had spread to his lungs – one possible cause was that the bad infection from his spine – and it was believed that he had the infection in his spine from the horrible infection spreading from his bladder/kidneys etc. – was the reason why – and that his chances of survival became beyond a poor prognosis, he was humanely crossed over. To see him go downhill so fast was very hard and in looking into his eyes, I knew what his heart was telling me. Would he keep fighting, I know he would for me yet he could no longer breathe easily and it was getting worse so fast. In the space of less than 24 hours, this quick deterioration had occurred.

I have always given credit where credit is due. I have always thanked with all of my heart and with truest genuine thanks as that is how I feel and felt with each and every life saving gift that was sent to help us help this sweet poor Dane OR any animal.

I wish to thank again each and every WOW angel that came together to help BHRR’s Bane for the right reasons. The angels that did not make this about them, wanted the pats on their back, felt they were more entitled or were important than all others who gave of their own selves to help.

To us, every person who shared a well wish, shared his story, cried with us, smiled with us, cheered/rooted for him, donated material items and/or made financial donations – ALL of you deserve our deepest thanks, our forever indebted gratitude, our appreciation, our humbled words of the biggest kind for all you did for him. To us $5 is huge and whether it was $5 or $500 that came his way, you made a BIG difference towards his over $12,000+ to give him all that he would need for this fight, to show him loving hands over hurting hands etc.

I remain so beyond filled with warmth over your hearts…..

BHRR’s Bane, please forgive me that you could not be saved….I wanted so much more for you….you deserved it.

PS: To anyone that has physical contact information for those responsible for his condition, as always, please do email it to First hand witness accounts also still being accepted.