BHRR’s Rubble

Thank you to this wonderful home for considering to adopt from BHRR again! They adopted from us in 2009 & then again in 2010 and now in 2018!

BHRR’s Rubble had their hearts for a long time and they even said that if they had been looking for a second Dane, BHRR’s Giselle would be the one.

BHRR’s Giselle, your own right matched personality fit forever loving home is out there and thank you SO much to this home for giving them both a great overnight special play date last night! 🙂

Every play date and visit just helps us help make our dogs that much more well rounded and balanced! ? It teaches them more about helping hands and gives them more positive experiences.

Mr. Rubble, you waited so patiently for so long for that right matched forever loving home to find you and I am beyond happy…few tears for me outside my car upon leaving yet they are mostly over the moon ecstatic ones. As so many know, he was super bonded to me and I have worked hard to set him up right for just this moment, as he is a highly adoptable boy and will thrive in this home! Lord knows, I shall deeply miss you yet I so wanted you to have an incredible home to adopt you and you feel you still need me, yet, you do not… are going to be totally ok! Trust me…just one more time, trust me dear Mr. Rubble!

Thank you again to Gail – who also adores BHRR’s Rubble – for assisting at this home-visit!

BHRR’s Giselle & I are now on our way to make the shy of 5 hour drive home and tomorrow night is BHRR’s Whispers own home-visit for a possible Approved adoption. She also has been patiently waiting a very long time as have we for that right home to find her.

Happy Sunday everyone!