On September 2nd, we received an email from BHRR’s Hollywood’s adoptive home to say:

‘I am sorry to say that I do not believe that I am the owner for Holly. I  have come to realise that I do not have the energy or patience required to bring out the best in a puppy.’

The home went on to say that she did not trust her around her grandchildren. We had made it very clear from the moment this application was received that BHRR’s Holly was not to be set up for failure and be around young children. She was to have extreme little exposure. She is young, very active, extremely affectionate and we also were full of disclosure re: her tendency to want to resource guard at times. 

Throughout, the complete adoption process that included a home-visit, this home had been conversed with in respect to the above.

We also made it very clear that we would not adopt her to a home with young children or a home that would have young children frequently visiting. We were assured many times over that this would not be the case. We stressed that we were aware that they had grandchildren that lived nearby and that we did not wish to have BHRR’s Holly nor any human set up for failure. We continued to be assured that this would not happen.

We emphasised the big need for her to be kept active and mentally plus physically stimulated. We were informed re: their plans for walks, off leash time etc. 

We were full of disclosure re: BHRR’s Holly. We feel seeing a dog end up in rescue one time is one time too many and this breaks our hearts when a dog comes back to us. BHRR has a second to none adoption success rate and this is because we know these dogs inside out and we work to be beyond thorough in our adoption processes. 

Yet, unfortunately, in this case, BHRR’s Holly came back to BHRR on September 4th and this is through NO fault of her own. We must stress this. She did not do anything wrong in the home and we have kept her in our rehab program allowing her to settle back in. When she first arrived back to us, she was doing a bit of growling at The Boerskins plus the dogs. 

However, it did not take much time for her to relax back into our house. We then spent many weeks discussing if we should place her back up for adoption and we do feel hopeful that there is a right matched personality fit home meant for her out there so, she is now back as AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!