UPDATE: to date $1,706.80 has been raised for BHRR’s Bane including $510 from our recent flash auction. I rounded that up and as Gracie Honalulu – his emerge temp foster Mama who has been with him at the emerge Hospital of VEC Toronto – can confirm $1,200 was sent yesterday and just now another $510 has been sent towards his mounting Vet Bills.

The flash auction was going to be split between both severely neglected Danes yet we need to direct all funds to BHRR’s Bane as he is currently in ICU and has been there since he was admitted via emerge yesterday.

This is a pic taken of him tonight at the emerge hospital. He is in ICU and was transferred to the care of the internal medicine team today.

Today, truly has been a brutal day and Lindsay can also vouch for how sick I am right now trying to make sure that both of these neglected Danes are done right by. So many obstacles and opposing forces that needlessly have had and remain to be overcome just to make sure they get what they need and deserve. 

Gracie Honalulu – I have said it before, yet let me say it again, you are BHRR’s Bane’s person right now and you are as much a part of his fight to live as all of the medical diagnostics, testing, exams, consults, medications and procedures have been. You have been solid in your strength, strong in your conviction and dedication to his wellbeing.  You give him the will and you give him such love.

BHRR’s Bane – we have not yet met, yet I love you with all that I am and I promise that I am doing all I can to save you…..please keep fighting the good fight….

Tomorrow, I sincerely hope to update all on the status of things to date….

Tonight, I am positively drained….

For any that may consider his cause thank you , I have asked the VEC Toronto Hospital and they will not take donations directly, so our email address and PayPal address is below:

Email transfer: gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

I sincerely hope my deepest appreciation and sincerest of humbled thanks is felt by each and every one that has donated to his care and/or has passed along best wishes. I am humbled, I am touched, I am filled with tears of the biggest gratitude. 

No Dane deserves to be put in a state of being emaciated to the point of being barely 100 pounds….  He was given a body score of 1/9.