BHRR’s Bowen – severely neglected Great Dane

In surgery – the lump on his side was full of blood, so a hematoma related to trauma is suspected.

His ears had cytologies and were cleaned – they were full of dark waxy yeasty debris with the one ear also having rods present so both ears will be treated with medication.

His one eye was running and will be monitored plus he had a good nail trim.

He had one of his anal masses removed and it will be sent off for biopsy.

He has one tooth broken at the gumline and another is cracked and he has his front row of teeth severely worn down – per his surgeon, these shall need to be addressed / extracted in a separate surgery as he had enough done today and we will also do dental x-rays at that time. His BP dropped a bit in surgery so to be safe, it is recommended to give him a few weeks to recover and then go back in.

Skin scrapings done and he was also neutered to help with his perianal masses

His surgeon also gave him a head to toe detailed exam including his legs/hips.

Donations can be sent direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 – he has a file under our Rescue account OR

Email transfer to

OR PayPal to

All of the Vet Records & findings will be forwarded on to the Welland SPCA.

Please keep this truly sweet amazing senior Dane in your thoughts!

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to his cause to date and he still could use a XL Costco Dog Bed of his very own.

Thank you to everyone at KAH for taking such wonderful care of him today!! You are amazing!