BHRR News Weekend!

My weekend took a change of plans yesterday when I had to bring in BHRR’s Rubble as he was shaking his head late Thursday night. So, the home-visit scheduled for a possible approved adoption on Sunday has been delayed. I take the proper proactive/preventative care of all of our dogs seriously and no dog will be adopted until they are in the best of health that they can be. BHRR shall continue to absorb the costs of his care while we treat that ear and wait for the culture to come back. While he hung out at work, I did his next Heartworm/Tickborne Disease test – was negative & he had a manicure/pedicure.

BHRR’s Rubble, you have made outstanding rehab process since you first arrived skinny, scared, traumatised, untrained and feeling confused plus unloved. You are a rock star!

So, this meant that instead of Sean dropping off this Merle beauty on her own special picnic date today, I got to! AND this meant that I was able to finally meet face-to-face one of the most caring plus genuine women ever! 

Thank you to this lovely home for being so open to giving BHRR’s Daffodil this special spoiling time today. She is always overlooked and she is such a beautiful girl! Inside & outside.

Her world is truly full of sunshine and daffodils! 

BHRR’s Daffodil, who once was a victim to greed for what her body could give her previous owner in puppies, neglected with none of her medical plus emotional needs taken care of, is now living the life of a princess. She is such an amazing dog and she remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right matched fit forever loving home.

She is kind, gentle, calm – except when it comes to her biggest life’s pleasure – rolling in the grass, then she is all puppy happiness! – sweet and precious. 

She is such a wonderful companion with a gorgeous personality!

Have an incredible time today you awesome girl! You deserve this! You are important and you are deeply loved.