BHRR’s Bogart!
The ~5/6 year old Weim

When I dropped off BHRR’s Keg for his surgery/x-rays/exam/microchip this AM, I brought along this precious boy to obtain a current weight and to have his blood re-submitted – it had been lost August 31st when he was last in.

This dear sweet boy has a big hold on my heart……massive….

Remember the pics of him so scared plus worried? That is no more! He is happy and it is said dogs do not smile yet I know he does! 

So many people came together to help us save him and he is absolutely fabu! Incredible! Awesome! Amazing and a really special boy.

He is sitting so focused at work this AM waiting for his liver treat.

BHRR’s Bogart, my mind continues to be blown away that you were failed so miserably by a lot of people and for many years in different homes and then dumped in a pound after your latest home did not want you after having you for only a year.

You are a WOW dog and I adore you!