BHRR’s Keg(He now has a name!) 
Born: February 5th, 2018

He is a ‘barrel’ of giving us smiles, laughs, affection and full of such love plus potential. 

As posted yesterday, he was transferred to Kanata Animal Hospitals’ care and had a recheck.

He weighed a thin almost 65 pounds. He is still slowly eating small frequent meals and while we wish he would eat better, he remains eating and that is a good sign! 

He is drinking and urinating well yet his stools remain liquid diarrhea with some bits and pieces of ‘material or ribbon’. His temperature is normal and he is bright, alert and responsive and an adorable patient! 

He remains on the Gastro for possible IBD and/or gastroenteritis and is still on cerenia, metronidazole, omeprazole and panacur. 

His is conformationally built lacking serious rear angulation and on the left side in particular appears a bit ataxic. I have been texting with Dr. Chauvet at Alta Vista Speciality Services and she recommends giving him more time as I was so open to bringing him back in to see her as his neurologist. When we can get him healthy and he is age appropriate, we will further exam those hips and knees when he is neutered. We suspect HD at the minimum with him. Poor breeding. 

From reviewing all of his files from the very beginning of his Vet journey, he has had unresolved diarrhea since at least May and so we will be looking at diet as a possible cause plus he continues to be properly de-wormed in our care. 

He was adored by all of the lovelies I work with KAH and thank you to three particular women for between the three of them they have donated a combined $250 to his mounting vet bills. 

VET BILLS TO DATE: $1,771.53

PayPal Fees: $2.11

Donations to his care can be made:

Email transfer:


*please use the friends & family option so that we do not pay fees. 

OR direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 
440 Hazeldean Road

Thank you’s must be sent out to his most recent beautiful Rescue Angels! ?

Ashley D.
Sharon W.
Sue B.
Lisa G.
Angela S.
Jamie L.
D. Lacey-Wyman
Michele S.

To all that have also been sending him best wishes, thank you! He is doing really well and we will be having a small flash online auction to help towards his care! 

Happy Friday to everyone!