BHRR’s Burst!
(~2 year old Lab/Danex)

This girl is a WOW dog! Just WOW!Almost 80 pounds – and still gaining….only needs a few more pounds – of sheer awesomeness and she is now ready to make her own special announcement! Emaciated no longer – almost 30 pounds of muscle mass and weight put on! 

For those who fell in love with BHRR’s Calla, this girl is equally as fabu! Great with all people and dogs and so affectionate, loving and eager to please. 

She is completely housebroken, crate trained, travels wonderfully in a car, great to do nails and ears plus to bathe. 

She is a ‘burst’ of love for life and happiness and active when it is time to be and snuggly when it is time to be! Her personality is enormous and her heart even bigger. 

She loves to zip and zoom in the grass and it makes me smile widely and laugh to see her have such joy. 

She can go to a home that works full-time, part-time or works from home or is semi-retired or retired….another amazing versatile BHRR dog. 

We will consider homes that have children 10 and over if said right matched fit home has kids.

BHRR’s Burst was neglected and not well loved in her past and her one thing is still seeing her sometimes at night drop to her belly and crawl as she is worried about going outside. Poor sweet girl. The other dogs – especially The Bakers Dozen pups & BHRR’s Sawyer – have taught her much in regards to it being ok and that she is safe to go outside. 

Otherwise, we give her a calming word, touch and gently take her collar and she then gets up. We have worked hard to teach her that being outside is full of so much fun and adventure plus great experiences! 

She melts my heart…those eyes!

Her obedience has made incredible progress and her leash manners can go from 100 to zero in a flash yet she is so much more consistent than she once was! She is so caught up in all of the awesome scents and sights of the world around her! 

When it came for her professional photo shoot, she ROCKED it! Sat, stood, stayed like a pro! 

We do not know how she is with cats yet she has not shown any signs of anything negative to the ones she has seen at work. Integration is key!

We would love to see her in a home with another dog, a right matched one that she can have as a bff! This is not a deal breaker if that right matched personality fit home does not have a dog….as long as they have a strong doggie social network for her, that is what is most important! 

BHRR’s Burst, I shall forever be grateful that I was tagged on your photo as an urgent in need in your 11th hour for I could not imagine the world without you in it and my own life would not have been so beautifully enriched if you had been put to sleep. 

You shall never be bred again, starved or hurt again in your life….you will be forever cherished! 

Sean & I find you positively outstanding and it has been a true honour taking this journey together…..

This stunning BBBBB is a true dream of a dog! You did it BHRR’s Burst! You are a survivor and never again shall you want for anything….love you very much my dear Bursty-Girl!