Somebody has finally figured out how the bed works! 

BHRR’s Bear
(Born: May 9th, 2009)

Please do keep him in your best thoughts as his emerge temp foster home reached out to me yesterday to say that he started to suddenly limp on one of his hind legs. So, something unfortunately happened and he is scheduled to see a Vet today @ 4 pm.

We will update as we can…back leg injuries in Giant Breed Dogs can be very serious yet one step at a time and we are thinking positive thoughts! 

We shall update as we can……

On a side note: I know many are waiting patiently still for our final totals of our biggest fundraiser of each year yet, sadly, I am still trying to make a connection with 10 people on their silent auction items. This will make a different of $154 should we not obtain successful closure so I will try for a few more days before calling it.