This how BHRR’s Bear spent his own Canada Day! 
(Born May 9th, 2009) 

Thank you to his emerge temp foster home for taking such excellent care of this fine senior gent that looks/acts way younger than 9+! 

With how amazing he is doing – he is no longer nervous of their own dog, BHRR’s Peanut, he now loves her plus he has always adored people – a huge social king to humans – we are becoming even more sure that there should be no reason for him not to be placed up for adoption to a right match personality fit home. 

He had extremely limited to zero exposure to dogs for many years prior to Rescue and he has been great to go on walks – ‘walking and talking’ does not give him time to think as much about his worry of dogs – and is learning all about the good things canine friends can provide in companionship with BHRR’s Peanut. 

With patience, consistency, time, stability, understanding and structure, he will be an excellent wonderful addition to a home. A home that will make sure he has frequent/regular access to water as he loves laying in it, is going to be a must! That is his favourite thing and we are not going to deny him this life pleasure. 

Yet, we will shall see how the next few weeks go – he has more vetting to come and I want to see more weight on him. 

He is so incredibly handsome!