BHRR’s Miss Hollywood
8 Months Old

She is ready to make her own special announcement!

This girl is incredibly happy, social and has the best ‘wiggle butt’ in the world!

She travels great in a car, loves people, has been mostly indifferent to dogs – yet loves BHRR’s Burst & The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Juniper!

Her leash manners have come a LONG way and she can still pull in distraction situations.

She is so eager to please, loves to lean right into you or sit on your lap – right Liz? 

She is incredibly beautiful with soul reaching eyes. 

She is tolerant of baths and ear cleanings plus nails.

You cannot push this girl….she has been manhandled in her past and that will cause her to have so much stress. 

Patience, understanding, consistency, clear open communication so she is not confused about expectations is so important!

Structure, obedience and a ton of love are additional ingredients needed to set her up for success!

Her biggest thing is to not feel worried that someone is going to mess with her bowls or anything that she believes is high value – ie some toys. We have worked hard for her to trust us to be able to take away from her the things that we need to – ie at this professional photo shoot there was shredded pieces of material and I had zero issues removing it from her mouth and praised her hugely!

She is fed in her crate and she is relaxed. 

She has learned to share some toys and the communal water bowls yet there are still some days that are a bit of a work in progress yet HUGE HUGE HUGE strides taken.

She is housebroken and crate trained but still as a baby is not ready for full run of the house. 

She loves her ‘humans’ yet so as to not set her up for failure, we do not wish to see her adopted to a home with children under the age of 10. 

I cannot say in words just how happy this stunning girl is. She just packs so much life into her little body! 

She is a big personality and likes her long walks, short hikes and is playful, affectionate and extremely loving.

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. for she is another versatile BHRR dog. She is a baby still and has a lot of emotional maturing left to do. She is pretty much full grown in body size – she may grow another 1″, most likely not. She will fill out more yet any right matched personality fit home will ensure that she remains lean and fit. 

Where once she was skittish of things like collar holding or strange places – now she shows interest in them and we encourage her to be curious and explore. 

We do not know how she is around cats. 

We want her to be in a home that is calmly social.

BHRR’s Miss Hollywood – you have been a dream to have with us! 

AND to that right matched personality fit home, they will continue to set you up for success and keep developing upon the strong foundations we have put in place…she is comfortable, she has confidence she has learned that her own company is ok and to self-soothe. She has learned that she will not be forced, bullied or man handled.

BHRR’s Miss Hollywood, you have realised that you are not a wallflower and your strength of personality is amazing!

Thank you again Liz for the wonderful photo’s!