Testimonial From The Home Who Had The Special Picnic Play Date With BHRR’s Granite:

“Mr. Granite has been nothing but a gentleman. The house is very calm and quiet, which I didn’t expect with Saffy’s boundless energy. Granite seems to have a very calming effect over both dogs. We had a strange dog go by as well as the mailman and there was not a peep or reaction out of any dog. They have been spending a good time outside exploring the backyard and getting some sun as well as lots of rubdowns.

I am working upstairs, so Granite has made Cherie is human. All the dogs are resting comfortably and Granite keeps a watch outside for you. His bum keeps winding up on the couch. 😉 He is very much a leaner so I think he likes a place to take a load off while looking out the window. Such a great guest.

He was so good at the high school today. Saffy and him had their heads stuck out the window waiting for the girls and they didn’t bark or make strange with anyone.”