Miss Hollywood was at KAH tonight and we went strolling and did a walk-about too!

She weighed 30.4 kgs(66.88 pounds).

For a dog that we were informed was terrified of men, she does back flips to love on them and loves women – only slightly less than men and teenagers too!  She is totally enamoured with people! So excited to greet and love on them.

She has proven excellent with all the dogs to date – mostly indifferent yet has chosen BHRR’s Burst as her play pal and plays rough, so we are working on being more gentle. She is a ball of sheer vibrating love of life!

We did bloodwork and a thorough exam while she was here and she did fantastic. Her leash manners are a big work in process yet she would sit and lay down and stay when I asked and overall I am giving her an ‘A’ for being such a great girl when we were out.

She travels great in the car and Miss Social she is.

She needs a lot of work still on her obedience and manners and she is not yet fully housebroken yet these things shall come. She has only been with us since May 26th and incredible progress made.

She is happy, a big wiggle butt and she is slowly learning about sharing too. 

We may DNA this girl for she is very BoxerX – just for fun and sheer curiousity for what her papers say is not what she resembles, at least not as a single bred dog. As always, does not matter….she will be adored for who she is, not what she is.