More Information Given:

Very easy to handle
No bite history
Resource guarding w/ toys sometimes as per owner. Have not noticed that here.
Seems friendly with all dogs here. Owner states good with males
Unknown w/ cats
Unknown w/ kids
Super friendly w/ strangers
Outgoing, energetic, happy disposition
Medium energy level
Pulls on leash
Knows basic command: sit
Good teeth condition
Surrendered as vomiting and diarrhea. Thought maybe mild megaesophogas but vomit WAS digested well, not vomiting water. Has since stopped being sick once we put her on good food, several small meals a day of puppy kibble to bring her weight up and runs have cleared up. Skinny.
Mya! Was surrendered by someone who was caring for her the owners didn’t want her back so limited info. Approx 3 years old, Dane/Lab X, intact female (that we know of, looks like has had puppies too before). Was neglected by a previous owner, is underweight (will have to get her weight, she’s pretty big). They said she is possessive over her rope/squeaky toys. Good with men, male dogs, women and strangers. Female dogs and cats unknown. She was vomiting but is in good spirits with a lot of energy. We are feeding her elevated to see if that is the issue. She just came in two days ago so monitoring for now. Vomit present this morning was digested so it’s not immediate after feeding, at this point don’t think it’s megaesophagus as our last dog that had that would vomit shortly after eating as well as drinking. Strong, energetic but really friendly.
UPDATE: Doing better on a raised dish. Has stopped vomiting and her runs have cleared up. Is being fed several small meals a day of soaked puppy food