AND then there were FIVE, 4 of which are still Available For Adoption!

The Bakers Dozen had their next professional photo shoot today! 

Thank you to Elaine, Ashley & The Boerskins for helping to puppy wrangle! 

This is a candid that I took! 

BHRR’s Oliver you thrived under the quiet calm and kind touch of Ashley as I knew you would! While slightly anxious, you were so much more relaxed this time. 

BHRR’s Fletcher, while you still had some anxiety, you rocked this session a million times better than February’s and the camera was not as scary to you! Good boy! You even allowed me to take more than a step away from you for your pictures as the camera made you not as nervous.

BHRR’s Furry Murray – what can I say?! You remain the class clown and a true ham! Content to do whatever as long as I remained within your sight….while you wanted to be closer to me, you were great at being Mr. Independent overall. 

BHRR’s Everly – as gorgeous as ever and as busy as ever! You gave Elaine quite the work out!  Such a delightful handful! 

BHRR’s Juniper – the queen of selective hearing and you are quite the busy bee yourself. 

You and your sister are not for the faint of heart and to all of my GD/Wolfie Babies, you did so well today….we can see where the distraction training has greatly improved from February’s professional photo’s and where work is still needed yet as almost 8 month old puppies, I remain very proud of your emotional and behavioural development! We battle your genetics every day and use the environment to help to make you the best dogs that you can be in being as well rounded plus balanced as possible!! 

Happy Friday to all!