Mr. Squishie is doing well. He has been a bit unsure with the hotel so we have gone up to several groups of people at the hotel, asking if they would not mind giving him treats and spending some time talking and being around him and when BHRR’s Booker was ready, give him some loving gentle touches.

Very proud of Mr. Squishie and so thankful to so many – three separate groups and one person came back to see us later and brought their wife – I heard she was jealous that she had not gotten the chance to meet him! – to talk and love on Mr. Squishie! They used to own an EM just like our sweet RIP Guinness.  There are truly so many wonderful people in the world!

Thank you to all that helped us set him up for success and demonstrated patience and understanding and so much kindness!

He is now crashed out on Kinsley’s bed and I am not ‘noticing’ it at all…  As this could well be the last night the two of them have together, let them be as close together as can be. 

From our hotel room to all of our friends, family and supporters good night wishes being sent!

We will update as we can!