We now have an ETA! 

This handsome brindle boy will be arriving April 25th!

Here is his story – copied from a previous post:

The next in need of BHRR! 

He is only the 4th dog that we have been able to assist to date in 2018 as we work hard to be able about quality, not quantity. 

We have been asked to assist an ~3 year old Male Brindle Great Dane.

This is his third known home plus at one time he had ended up at a Shelter.

This home has an 18 month old child and has had him since just before XMAS and while he has proven to be so patient with her, the home does not wish to set him or their small child up for failure. He is currently living with a friend of the family and has been for the last while as the home worked to find the best solution for him. 

Said to be good with dogs – lived with a female pug and cats are unknown and said to weigh about 150+ pounds.