An Easter Sunday Rescue happened this AM.

People talk about the Easter Bunny coming….well for this sweet Harlequin Great Dane, it was an Easter Angel that stepped up and came to her rescue.

Lindsay – I have said this several times already yet I must say it again, thank you deeply from my heart for offering to help us save this girl. What should have been a smooth owner surrender turned out to be a bit bumpy and I am so grateful to you in picking her up. So so so thankful to you.

This girl already has a Vet appointment scheduled tomorrow for 2:15 pm and will have a thorough exam – heart/lungs etc. – and we shall begin all proactive plus preventative Vet Care.

We want her eyes looked closely at – yes, she has heavy haws yet I am also suspecting possible infections – have skin, feet, hydration levels, those poor nipples(she was used for breeding) all checked. The daughter of the O. who is moving back to Slovakia today – said they were breeding for over 40 years. 

She is underweight, lacks muscle tone/mass, has calloused elbows and needs a nice pampered spa day when she is ready.

Undersocialised and skititsh yet already following Lindsay around – who wouldn’t follow such a caring soul?! 

She is only the third dog that we have been able to assist in 2018 to date and she is the perfect example as to why BHRR was founded back in 1996….for all the special needs animals just like her.

98% of those BHRR helps are the truly broken physically and/or behaviourally. Why we are here….

I cannot wait to meet this pretty ~5 year old beauty and in the meantime she could not be in more excellent hands with Lindsay. 

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, we hope that everyone is having a safe, happy and wonderful Easter Sunday.